15 Items to Use in Staging Your House

items to use in staging your houseStaging your house for sale is not difficult, but it is a process.  Here is a great list of items to use in staging your house for sale.

Before you consider anything else you must do these 5 things in every room of your house before you list it for sale.

After you’ve done all the basics it is time to bring it all together with accessories.  Accessories are key to staging.  They are used to draw buyers attention where you want it to go.  They are also used to communicate a life style buyers want for themselves.  These are the items that subconsciously connect buyers to houses.  Accessories are what makes a “house” feel like “home”.

Here is a basic list of items to use in staging your house for sale.  These work in almost every home, almost every time:

  1. throw pillows (on sofas, in chairs, on beds)
  2. throws (on sofas, in chairs, on beds)
  3. candles (only lightly scented or unscented)
  4. lamps (both floor lamps and table lamps)
  5. flowers (indoors and out)
  6. plants (floor plants and table top or shelf plants)
  7. decorative ceramics and glassware
  8. towels
  9. mirrors
  10. artwork
  11. accent tables (console tables, foyer tables, side tables, etc.)
  12. area rugs
  13. ottomans
  14. baskets
  15. trays (wood, acrylic, metal, etc.)

When choosing accessories choose a common color you will use throughout the house.  It doesn’t need to be exactly the same shade in every room, but it should be similar from one room to the next so that the house feels cohesive and complete.  You don’t want a jumbled mismatch of things that will create an uneasy discombobulated feeling in the house.  You want the look to flow peacefully from one room to the next.

If you find you do need to shop, keep these tips in mind:

  1. your color scheme (choose a color that will work well with the furnishings you are taking with you so that it works in your new home as well as for staging)
  2. budget and return on investment (Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on things you love that you can take to your new home.  You will recoup the cost in the sales price of your home.)
  3. season you’re selling in (Don’t buy things that are out of season for the time of year you will be selling in.  You want summer things for summer time, otherwise, the house will feel wrong to potential buyers.)

You’ve already done the hard work of decluttering your house, be certain not to add too many accessories back in.  There is a fine line between accessories completing a “model home” look and accessories “cluttering up the place”.  If you’re not sure, error on the side of caution, choose the less is more route.

Accessories are the finishing touches that give a house a model home feel and look.  These are the items that emotionally draw a buyer to a house.  As we’ve talked about before, buyers buy on emotion – it’s the emotional connection to a house that motivates a buyer to pay top dollar for a home.

There is certainly a science to successfully staging a house for sale.  It can feel overwhelming, but with some time and lots of effort you can do it.  However, if you don’t have the time or energy – or if you simply need some reassurance that you are on the right track – please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to help with simple solutions for free by email as time permits.  If you need staging help in the Houston, TX area please call or email to schedule a consultation.  Outside of the Houston, TX area you can email for info on my digital staging program.  Staging is key to getting top dollar for your house – don’t leave money on the closing table!

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