5 Things Not to Do When Staging Your Home for Sale

5 things not to do graphicYou can find tons of great information on staging your home for sale right here.  What to do, when to do it, and how to do it.  My best advice is to always go with a professional Houston home stager you are comfortable with because it probably costs less than you think and is always worth the investment.  However, sometimes professional home staging is just not possible.  In a different post I talk about the top 5 No Cost Home Staging Tips to follow when staging yourself.  This post lists the top 5 things not to do when staging your home for sale:

  1. Skip staging all together. Some people think they don’t need to put any effort into preparing their home for sale because the real estate market is hot.  These people believe their home will sell regardless of how the space looks and feels to potential buyers.  They may be right.  The home may sell, but I promise you it will not sell for top dollar if you fail to stage at all.  The bare minimum staging requires at least these things listed here.
  2. Pack up too many of your belongings. Some home owners see an empty room in their home and think it looks spacious.  It only looks spacious to the home owner because they know what it looked like with everything in it.  Potential buyers do not have this perspective.  Potential buyers see an empty space with no usefulness to it.  It has been proven that very few buyers can imagine an empty space as anything other than empty.  Leave enough furniture and accessories in each room to clearly define its purpose and usefulness – so buyers aren’t left wondering what to do with it.
  3. Stage a 3rd bedroom as something other than a bedroom. Each room of a home should be staged in a manner that clearly defines the type of room it is.  A formal dining room should be staged as such, not as a game room.  A 3rd bedroom should be staged as a bedroom – not an office.  Even if you use the 3rd bedroom as an office it is not likely the family typically touring 3 bedroom homes will.  They will see a lack of space – a missing bedroom.  They will quickly cross your home off the list because it doesn’t have the bedrooms they need.  You can stage a 4th bedroom as an office if there is no other office space in the house – but please – try to find another office space first.  This 4th bedroom office should be a last resort.  Bedrooms are valuable real estate – show them all as bedrooms.
  4. Skip cleaning out and organizing closets and cabinet space. When potential buyers tour a home they open the closets and cabinets.  They are checking to make certain there is enough storage space in the home for their things.  If you fail to provide them with clear tidy space they determine your home lacks storage.  In their mind it stands to reason, if there is not enough space for your things to not be cluttered and crowded then there is not enough space for their things either.  They will look.  Do not ignore these spaces.
  5. Spend tons of money of furniture and accessories to stage your home. New things look great – but the cost of things can quickly add up.  If you are thinking of buying new furniture and accessories to be used only in staging your home stop and consider each purchase carefully.  Only buy furniture that you love and will certainly fit in your new living space.  Only buy accessories that you love and will easily work in your new living space.  There are so many options for low cost furniture and accessories.  There is no need to spend a small fortune.  Spend only on things that will help you sell your home and will fit in your new living space.  Anything less is not worth your money.

Professional Houston home staging is always worth the investment because it makes the task of knowing what to do and what not to do when staging your home for sale clear and simple.  Professional staging saves money because only money that actually providing true benefit is spent – nothing is wasted.  But, if professional staging is simply not going to work for you know that you can get through the staging process by following many of my staging guidelines.  If you are stuck and simply don’t know what to do you can email me with a picture and a brief description of your problem area.  I will do my best to assist you for free via email.  Remember, in home consultations are only $100 and are incredibly helpful in getting you going in the right direction.  Call today to schedule your consultation – sometimes that’s all you’ll need 281-615-0607