How much does home staging cost?

how much does home staging cost

This is the most common question I get – how much does home staging cost? There is no one answer to this question. Home staging options are limitless! There is an exact right fit for your home and your budget. I specialize in finding that just right fit for both home owners and investors by providing different options and then tweaking them until we find the perfect fit. It can cost as much, or as little, as you determine it needs to – but whatever your choice might be – it only saves and makes you money in the long run. Let me explain…

To purchase furniture, accessories, art work, greenery, linens, kitchen accessories, and dining place settings for a living area, dining space, master bedroom, master bath, and main bath can easily cost over $7,100 – and it will be hard to stay within $7,100 to accomplish this. If you do have the time and cash to go out sourcing and purchase all of these things you still have to set it all up, create emotional attachment for your buyers through placement and flow, and maintain it while your home is on the market.

To stage the same areas you would need to make an investment that can start at about $2,200 depending on the type of property and your staging preferences. All the sourcing and purchasing has already been done – and we have an incredible inventory to choose from so that we are able to provide just the right fit for your property. We deliver, set up, and break it all down when your home is sold with no effort required on your part at all. This can easily be a savings of over $5,000!

This simple calculation doesn’t even take into account the other expenses of your home such as mortgage, taxes, insurance, and utilities and other carrying costs. This is easily thousands each month. Studies show staged homes sell considerably faster than vacant or un-staged homes. Every month that your home sits on the market you are paying thousands more in carrying cost. If only your home had sold last month you wouldn’t be paying out all that cash again this month. And if your home doesn’t sell this month, you will be paying all over again next month.

When you break it all down and consider all you pay out simply owning a home that is for sale, and add to that the amount of money and time it would take to source, purchase, set up, maintain, and eventually de-stage your property, it is easy to understand professional staging saves real money. Professional staging saves time. Professional staging often helps your home sell faster and for more money.

Studies show professional staging is an investment that returns an average of 300% in cash at closing.

That is a return on investment to be happy about! How can you leave cash on the table? How can you afford NOT to professionally stage your home?

Please call today to schedule your staging consultation. Occupied home consultations are only $100 and are tremendously helpful in getting you started on the path to selling your home for its best price in the shortest amount of time possible. Along with the occupied home consultation you will receive a 23 page report that has been customized to your home and is filled with valuable staging tips and info. Vacant home consultations are always free. You can reach us at 281-615-0607.


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