How to Stage a House – Defining open concept spaces

how to stage a house - defining open concept spaces

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How to Stage a House – Defining open concept spaces


Open concept living is something many, if not most, buyers are looking for today.  However, if you show them a big, vacant, open space most simply cannot see how to use the space.  It leaves them feeling uneasy.  If they feel uneasy they are going to leave your house never making an offer.  Don’t let this happen!

Define the use of space in an open concept great room so that buyers see the room as exactly what they have been looking for, exactly what they need, and exactly what they are willing to pay top dollar for.

Most open concept spaces are designed to serve the kitchen space, a dining space, and a living/family space.  The kitchen area is easy to find.  Clearly –  it has counters, appliances, and cabinetry, so it’s hard to miss this one.

The dining area is usually not as easy as the kitchen but might have a strong cue in the light fixture.  If you have a dining chandelier then center a dining table and at least four chairs below it.  If the flooring is the same throughout the room, then anchor the space with an area rug under the dining furniture.  The area rug will help to define the space as a “room”.

The living area is often the trickiest space in an open concept room.  If there is a fireplace or large window center the sofa, or other largest piece of seating furniture, either directly across from it or perpendicular to it.   If there is both a fireplace and a large picture window then use the fireplace as the focal point and the picture window becomes secondary in focus. Then, arrange other furniture to complete either an “L” or “U” shape with the focal point.  If the flooring is the same throughout the room then anchor this space with an area rug as well.  The rugs will serve as “markers” for where one “room” ends and another begins within the open concept space.

Open concept spaces are terrific – and highly desired by today’s buyers.  However, they can be tricky to style correctly.  Use these tips to clearly define these areas for your buyers when you are selling your house.

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