How to Stage a House – It’s Not Just Decorating

How to stage a house - it's not just decorating

How to Stage a House – It’s Not Just Decorating


Many believe staging a house for sale and decorating a house are one in the same.  They are not.

Decorating and staging are two very different things. They serve different purposes.  They appeal to different audiences.  They both make a house a home, but in very different ways and for very different people.

Decorating a home is the process of designing spaces to perfectly reflect the personality and needs of the people living in the home.  Your home should reflect your personality and meet your family’s needs.  Maybe you don’t need a formal dining room, but you do need a play room for your toddler.  An easy decorating choice for you is to redefine the formal dining space turning it into a playroom.  The decor of the room is how you are going to make this transition.  Using art work that appeals to young children, using furniture sized to little ones, and filling the room with fun and attention grabbing play things turns this space into a room your family needs.  You have decorated a space to suit your needs – you are making this house your home. Decorating is what makes your house your home. It should be personal and fill you with joy so that you feel “home”.

Staging a home for sale is the process of preparing and designing spaces to perfectly appeal to the demographic of people who will pay top dollar for the house.  Staging a house is all about setting the scene for how potential buyers will live in the house.  You don’t want your personality and your family’s needs to take center stage.  You want your buyers to be able to see themselves living in the space.  If your personality and needs fill the house then there is no room for them to see their lives in the house.  Your buyer likely isn’t looking for a playroom in a formal dining space.  The space must show as the perfect place for the buyer to host their family and friends – not yours.  Staging is what makes your house their home.

The audience the house needs to appeal to is the most important difference between decorating and staging.    While decorating makes the house yours and appeals to you, Staging makes the house appeal to buyers and makes the house theirs.  This buyer transition of house to home is critical in getting the best offer possible when selling your house.  This is why staging is so very important.  When buyers see your house as their home you are getting the offer you are looking for.

It is terribly difficult to be objective when staging your house for sale, but extremely important to do so.  Every home seller needs to begin the staging journey by taking 5 basic steps. Then, consulting with a professionally trained stager will help you define the difference between decorating and staging so that you can present your house in its best light possible.  Staging is not an easy process, but you will not regret the investment on closing day.


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