How to stage a house – What to look for in artwork

How to stage a house - know what to look for in artwork

This is a perfect example of appropriate artwork for staging your house for sale. artwork depicted from


How to stage a house – What to look for in artwork

Most people believe whatever artwork they already have in their home is good enough for staging – sometimes they’re right, but more often than not, they are wrong.  Artwork that is perfect for decorating is often not appropriate for staging.  The difference is simple – simple to miss – and often over looked.

Artwork chosen to decorate your home should be personal to you.  You should love it.  It should suit you and express your personality or the feel of the room you have chosen it for.  There are no limits  in choosing artwork to decorate your personal home.  Artwork is one of the easiest ways to make your house your home.  No rules. No limits. No problem…unless you are selling your house.

Artwork appropriate for staging a house for sale needs to be chosen with a very thoughtful eye.  Artwork for staging must appeal to the variety of potential buyers who will consider your house as their next home.  More importantly, artwork for staging must be chosen specifically not to offend anyone who may be considering buying your house.  No one.  This is no easy feat – especially if you are selling your house in a diverse market.   The more diverse the population in your market area the more careful you must be in choosing artwork to be displayed while your house is listed for sale.

To help you make artwork selections appropriate for staging keep these limitations in mind:

  • No human faces – some cultures find it offensive when certain parts of the human face is revealed.  Be considerate of this fact and rule out any artwork showing full human faces.
  • No nudes – while the human form is beautiful in every aspect many cultures find it to be incredibly private.  These people will be offended at the sight of nude artwork in your home.
  • No animal rear ends – Artwork depicting animals is not usually offensive, unless it depicts the rear end of the animal.  Some are offended by the sight.
  • No religious messages, symbols, or depictions – Religion is highly personal and very strongly valued by most people.  The problem arises when your religious artwork is not representing the same religion practiced by your buyer.  Religion incites strong emotional responses in most people.  The responses are not always positive and can easily cause someone to pass on your house.

Do not risk offending your potential buyers.  Remember staging is about appealing to as many people as possible and not turning off buyers.

how to stage a house - know what to look for in artwork

Skip this type of piece when staging your house for sale. Artwork depicted from


Now that you have a strong concept of what not to do, here are some ideas on artwork that is perfect for staging.  It does not offend and does not incite potential negative feelings in anyone:

  • Botanicals – unless the botanical is one easily recognized as a controversial substance you are safe with botanicals.  Plants are celebrated in most every culture.  They produce food, medicines, even oxygen – so most generic botanicals are a safe bet.
  • Landscapes – there is nothing more beautiful than a scenic landscape.  The earth is gorgeous and it’s beauty is celebrated in most cultures.  Just as most people want a great view they also enjoy the view of a gorgeous landscape artwork.  If the landscape depicts a water feature it is even better.  Studies show people from all cultures report feeling a sense of calm when viewing landscapes that include a body of water like a beach, lake, or river scene.
  • Cityscapes – artwork depicting a city skyline can be very nice in staging a house for sale.  More famous skylines are easily available at all price points and are often very easily recognized by many people.
  • Conservative abstracts – abstracts work well for staging because they depict mood very effectively.  Be certain you don’t depict a mood of angst or anger, which is easily found in abstracts.  You are looking for peaceful and calm when choosing abstract artwork for staging.

When choosing artwork for staging try to keep these tips in mind.  Artwork for staging should complement the room, and most importantly, not offend any potential buyers.  Do not give anyone a reason to be put off by your house – give them every reason to fall in love with your house.  This is when you will get your best offer possible.

You can get rid of your boring staging artwork after you sell if you don’t want these pieces in your new home – who knows – maybe you can offer to include it all with the purchase of the house.  This is an easy way to not have to deal with pieces that don’t appeal to your personal taste after you sell the house.

The artwork used in staging your house for sale can easily deter buyers or easily entice buyers.  Make sure your house is on the enticing side!

Staging a house for sale is not easy but is critically important to get the best offer possible in the shortest amount of time.  Make the effort.  You will be glad you did come closing day.

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