How to live in a house for sale…


how to live in a house for sale


Many people wonder “how to live in a house for sale?”  It’s tough – living in a home that has become a product can be tough.  A product offered for sale.  A product you need to get top dollar for.  It can be tough – but there are a few tips to follow to make it easier on yourself and your family to live in the home while it is listed for sale.  Here are some of the best:

  • Leave the house for showings.  If you do nothing else – you must do this.  Potential buyers will be uncomfortable walking through a home if they know you are there, even if they never see you, they will know you are there.  Buyers cannot see the home as their own if you are present.  It’s always going to be yours while you are there.  You need them to see it as their own.  You want them to personally feel attached to the home.  This is when you will get your best offer possible.  You must not be present at showings – it will certainly cost you at closing.
  • Have the home professionally staged and photographed.  Then, at the end of each day make certain what you see in the home still reflects what was photographed.  This way the home is ready for short notice showings.
    • Wipe down all counter tops each night
    • Make certain all floors are clean
    • Make certain clutter has been put away for the day
    • Make certain nothing smells like anything other than fresh and clean
  • Assign everyone in the home a basket – it can be as simple as a laundry basket
    • Make certain everyone clears their own stuff and places it in the basket at the end of each day.
    • Assign a spot to hold the baskets during showings.  They can be neatly stacked in the garage or utility room.
    • Baskets can even be taken with you when you leave the home for a potential buyers visit.
    • Reward little ones for successfully managing their own basket.  It’s hard for them too – let it pay off for them in a way they can understand and appreciate.
  • Consider “convenience” services
    • Pet daycare prevents you from having to run home and pick up your pets to go to the park with only 20 minutes’ notice of a showing – no need to stress, they are already taken care of
    • Weekly cleaning services prevent you from having to spend so much time maintaining a product you are selling.  You will have enough to do day to day – why not let someone else scrub the tub?
    • Weekly lawn maintenance services allow you to clear room out in the garage making the area look even more spacious than before and you don’t have the spend your time maintaining the yard!  You should store your yard tools and equipment off site creating even more space for buyers to covet.

Living in a product for sale is difficult.  No one lives their regular day to day life in a staged home. There are ways to help make the process easier on yourself and your family.  Follow these tips to help get through it.  You will be glad you did on closing day!