It always makes sense for both you and the home seller to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible!  With at least 9 out of every 10 buyers viewing photos of homes online FIRST, I don’t need to tell you how critical it is for those photos to be of beautifully staged rooms!  I offer both vacant and occupied home staging services to benefit your business.  Vacant homes need to be staged so they don’t feel cold and their photos entice buyers to visit the property.  Occupied homes can be a bit tricky, sellers often don’t see their homes in the same light buyers will.  This is when it helps to have a stager address the challenges that occupied homes need to overcome to market them well.  Sometimes it’s better to protect your relationship with your listing clients by having a stager delicately address these types of issues.

Here’s a sample of what realtors, such as yourself, have to say about us:

“As a real estate agent, I understand the value of great interior design and Lori is hands down the best in her field. Not only does she have the creative eye to get the job done extremely well, she also conducts her business with impeccable integrity. I trust her with all of my clients and highly recommend her. “- Elizabeth G.

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Courteous and Professional:  I represent you and your business in a way that is both courteous and professional in every aspect.  I run my business from a position of service with a dedication to handling even the most delicate issues with a positive outlook.

I Listen:  I focus first on how I can benefit your business and help you sell your listings faster!

Certified in both Occupied Home and Vacant Home Staging 

Completed Client Action Plans – Photo detailed plans for your clients to easily follow!  Something tangible to be left with your occupied listing clients.  Your sellers don’t have to try to remember everything we talk about.  I leave all the details with them in a bound report that can be custom branded with your information to represent your business well.

Videos and Hand-Outs – I an prepared and educated in all aspects of home staging.

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