Staging for the 5 Senses

Staging for the 5 Senses

Staging for the 5 Senses will help buyers connect to your house so that they will want it to be their next home.

These senses should not be overlooked when preparing your house for sale.

Most all of us possess the same basic human senses to one degree or another. We use these senses to both consciously and unconsciously draw conclusions constantly in our daily lives.  These senses protect us on a very basic human level and guide us in our every decision.  It is important to keep the senses in mind when staging your home (product) for sale. They are incredibly powerful. Make certain your product appeals to these senses.  Do not overlook the power of this appeal – it can make, or break, your sales price!


Seeing is believing – or so we’re taught to believe.  Your potential buyers will believe what they see in your home.  If you home looks sparkling clean they will believe it has been very well kept.  Buyers’ value clean spaces – they pay for clean spaces.  You can’t expect a buyer to view your product as top notch unless the home and everything in it is perfectly clean.  No one is willing to pay top dollar for dirty, unorganized, cramped spaces.  Clean and spacious sells!


Hearing effects buying decisions in very important ways.  When a potential buyer comes to your home what do they hear?  Soft calming music?  Noisy pipes or appliances?  You can certainly take action to help potential buyers hear calming sounds when they visit your home.  Correct or repair any noise issues before your home is shown.  Be aware of what buyers will hear when they visit your property and make it a positive experience for them.  It may not be something they consciously note, but don’t ignore what they subconsciously hear – it will affect the offer!


One of our most powerful senses is our sense of smell.  Smells have been ruining real estate deals forever!  It is a simple matter of basic survival.  If something smells rancid we stay away from it.  It something smells nice we are drawn to it.  Make certain your product smells nice – but don’t overdo it.  You home should smell fresh and clean but not perfumed.  If the scent is too strong potential buyers suspect you are trying to hide something.  Make certain there are no pet odors, no taste specific food odors, and no odors that convey anything but a sparkling clean home.  Light fresh scents are best.


When buyers walk into your home (product) what will they feel?  Not psychologically (although that’s important too) but physically.  Will they feel too warm or too cool?  Will they feel comforted by the soft accessories placed in a manner they can see themselves enjoying?  Of all the senses this one can be the most difficult to stage.  Make certain your home’s temperature is appropriate for the season.  Be mindful of how you would want a very important guest to feel in your home and create that environment.  The buyer may be the most important guest you have in your home this year!


This is the easiest sense to appeal to.  Simply set out a small bowl of candy and let buyers help themselves.  It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive but should be individually wrapped.  Simplicity rules here. Do note this – if your product smells like freshly baked cookies you better have enough on hand to share!