Thinking of selling your house? Emotional appeal = Cash in the bank

Staging your house creates cash at closing

Selling your house is big business.  A process consumed by contracts, agents, inspectors, and banks – but for your buyer choosing a home is an emotional decision.  Because emotion motivates people to buy homes, staging houses cannot be overlooked.  Home staging converts buyers’ emotion in to sellers’ cash in the bank.

If buying a home were the same type of business that selling is we would all live in basic, color neutral, housing that meets our basic requirements for the number of rooms needed in the most convenient location for our circumstances.  But that’s not it.  That’s not how we buy.  Location and size certainly matter, but we decide to buy based on subtle, subconscious, emotional appeal.  We buy based on what speaks to our hearts.  When we find the house that feels most like home we know it – and we are willing to pay for it.

Good home staging is creating this emotional connection for the greatest amount of potential buyers possible.

The first thing a home stager must do is get inside the head of potential buyers.  What feels like home to them?  What feels like the lifestyle they aspire to?  What makes their heart sing?  Good stagers ask themselves “How should we create those feelings in a house so that buyers walk in and know “this is the one, this is my home, this they will pay for”?”

How do you create all these feelings in your house without having to get a degree in psychology?  It can be a challenge, but is well worth the effort.  Start by stepping outside in your neighborhood.  See, really look, who lives there?  Then, think about why they live there.  Ask yourself, why did you move here?  What has changed in your life that has motivated you to live somewhere else?  Take all of these things in.  Think on them for a bit.  Use this information to really identify with who your potential buyer might be.  Who wants to live in this neighborhood? What appeals to these people?  How can I represent that in the house?  Create this picture in the house – this is what good staging is all about.

Maybe you live in a house in the suburbs because it has great schools and lots of space for children to play.  Maybe your neighbors chose the area for their families for the same reasons.  Your buyer will likely choose your neighborhood for these very same reasons.    There are probably several homes in the area for sale – not just yours.  So, how can you help buyers see your house as the home they want?  How can you get buyers to pay more for your house?  Appealing to the emotions of your buyer is the answer.

As a seller, preparing a house for sale includes setting the scene for a buyer to “feel” when they first pull up to the house.

You must create emotional connection points that lead a buyer through a house.  Each of these points subtly builds on the last, creating the perfect “home” feel for your buyer.  A home that communicates the amazing life the buyer wants is worth much more than a vacant house down the street.  A vacant house feels cold, empty, and sad.  Your buyer is probably not looking for a cold, empty, sad life.  Good staging creates the emotional “click” that makes your house the one; makes your “house” their “home”.  Staging is how you make your house stand out from all the competition.  Staging is how you get your best offer.  Staging is how you get the most money possible for your house.  Staging is how you get the most cash in the bank possible on closing day.

It’s not just the number of rooms and location that sell a house – it’s all the feelings associated with making a buying decision that motivate buyers to pay top dollar for a home.  Staging will help to establish your house as “the one” above all others.  Staging will help your house bring its best sales price.  Staging is an investment that will make you money at closing.

These 5 No Cost staging tips work in almost every house – every time.  But staging doesn’t stop there. Need help?  My company serves the greater Houston area in person. Digital options are available to everyone else.  Email your questions or to set up a time to talk about how you can make more money when you sell your house.

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