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There are many reasons why it is difficult to sell a vacant home for top dollar.  Vacant homes are considered to be cold and uninviting.  Without furniture and accessories more than 90% of buyers cannot visualize the amount of space and potential in a home because there is no frame of reference.  People pay top dollar for the “model home” look and you just can’t get that in a vacant home.  Whether you are a home owner or an investor you simply must stage a vacant home to get it’s best price on closing day.  We offer many options to suit the needs of a vacant home:

There really is no “one size fits all” set staging cost.  We specialize in customizing staging package options to perfectly suit both your property and your budget – this is something that really sets us apart from other home stagers.  The options really are limitless! I’m certain we can find the right fit for you and your property.  Please call 281-615-0607 or email today to schedule a consultation.

  • Vacant Home Consultation: $25 (please allow 1/2 hour)

    • we will start at the curb and review the unique characteristics of the home discussing potential improvements along the way
    • we will prepare a comprehensive staging plan to suit the needs of the specific home within the sellers budget
    • the entire fee will be credited to any vacant staging package purchased within 1 week of visit
  • Vacant Home Staging Packages

    • include furniture and accessory rental for up to 60 days, delivery, set up, and de-staging at end of term
    • rental period can be extended if necessary
    • packages can be customized to suit any budget as needed
    • no project is to small – no project is too large

Full Staging Example






“Lite” Staging Example


  1. Matt Barnes says:

    Hello, just left a vm, but wanted to also follow via email. I’m looking to schedule a consult for a vacant home that I plan on listing in Sugar Land. Please contact me for more details. Thank you!

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