What is Home Staging

what is home staging

Simply put – Houston home staging is preparing your home to appeal to the greatest amount of buyers so that your house sells for the most money possible in the shortest amount of time.  OK – so, what does that mean?  Staging your house helps get it sold by making it “the one”.

The effect of staging is felt long before anyone comes anywhere close to visiting your home.  The staged home must first draw in potential buyers with high quality online marketing photos.  Almost all buyers look at properties online BEFORE determining which ones they want to visit in person.  The photos must bring them in closer and make them feel like this house just might be “the one”.

Making your house “the one” is accomplished by presenting your house in a way that makes people “feel at home” from the moment they drive up to the house.  Then, this “at home” feeling is subtly but strategically and purposefully reinforced in several key areas of the home as the potential buyer tours the property.  By the time they leave they are already picturing themselves living in the home.  Offers are on the way!

Staging starts with careful, in depth research on the location of your house.  In order to effectively stage your home the stager must clearly understand the potential buyer in your unique market.  For instance, a downtown loft and a brick home in the suburbs rarely have the same type of buyer and should not be presented in the same way.  It is critical to know the buyer demographic for your house before you get started with anything else.  If you don’t know exactly who you’re staging for you cannot be effective in your process and money is easily wasted.  Knowing your demographic is key to investing staging dollars in the right way so they turn into higher offers!

Next, your house must be evaluated thru critical buyer’s eyes.  This means to look at your home with a fresh perspective – like you’ve never seen it before – just like a potential buyer will.  It is almost impossible!  I can’t do it with my own house and if you’ve lived in yours for more than a couple years you probably can’t do it either.  But It Must Be Done!

We all live with little imperfections in our homes that become almost invisible to us over the years.  Remember that spot where your son was skateboarding down the hall and dinged the baseboard?  Who even sees that after a few years – not me!  That’s life and that’s ok, if it is home.

When home becomes a valuable asset to be sold it is a total game changer.  Those low cost repair imperfections can easily add up to lower offers and even several thousand dollar price drops if not addressed. Potential buyers see all of these things and are most likely not able to look past them.  These little issues say “neglected home” to buyers and end up costing you big dollars.  You don’t want buyers walking through your house making a mental list of all the things they suspect you haven’t kept up with.  Everyone wants “move in ready” not “move in, with a list, so I’m making a lowball offer” ready.

Identifying your “staging must dos” is the most cost effective way to determine how to spend your staging investment.  You don’t want to spend any money you don’t have to, but after living in your home for a few years it is almost impossible to determine where your critical areas are.  This is one of many reasons a professional stager is so necessary in staging your house.  Staging saves money because you are only investing where you have to (if at all) and makes you money in the form of higher offers on your well cared for home.

Staging your home is taking care of those “must do” items and purposefully reinforcing the “at home” feeling for the greatest amount of buyers as uniquely targeted by your location.  Staging your house makes your listing photos amazingly appealing to the largest buyer group possible.  This is not just cleaning and clearing out clutter – this is making your house feel like a buyer’s home.  A home they simply can’t live without.

After meeting with a professional stager you should have a clear understanding of your critical “must do’s” to sell and a great idea of what a professional staging investment can accomplish in your house.  This is where it gets tricky.  Now you have to decide if you’re going to DIY it – or choose a staging package to have someone roll up their sleeves to help you and guide you along the way.  Maybe you choose to have someone else handle it altogether.  There are so many options…and a staging package to fit them all, even the DIY!  Call today to talk about how I can help you sell your house in the Houston and surrounding area faster and for the most money possible!  Don’t spend money you don’t have to – and don’t leave money of the table at closing!

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